Harness the power of your data. Turn it into actionable insight that gives you leadership credibility and delivers commercial results.

Leverage customer insight to improve acquisition, engagement & lifetime value.

Deliver commercial results by representing the voice of the customer.

Demonstrate your credibility with the board because you’re armed with data & insight.

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Hexdon unlocked incredible value following the Evans acquisition from Arcadia Group

Our Customer & Market research led by Hexdon gave us the clarity to focus on what mattered most. We grew our mature customer database by 49%, increased ROI by 6 figures and as a listed company, were able to defend our global strategy against industry analysis.

Carley Turner (CMO, City Chic Collective (ASX: CCX))

Changing Customer & Market Dynamics.

The market is changing fast, and customer attitudes and behaviours continue to evolve. With deteriorating macro conditions, customer confidence is in decline. These threats can be felt in your business. Along with production, logistics and supply chain issues, the pressure is on.

You have a couple of options. Keep doing what you’ve always done and hope for the best; or identify the opportunities for your business both internally for your teams and externally for your customers.

Meaningful Insight.

Hexdon helps Brands like yours to get to the insight fast. We have an experienced team with 20+ years delivering Customer & Market Research & Analytics initiatives that are focused on solving your product, customer, marketing and business challenges.

We’ll help you execute your closed loop customer feedback initiative or derive insight from research at speed. And we also know the value in getting to know you, your team and your business challenges so we can support delivery of the insight that helps you to win.

Customer Analytics.

We work with your CRM & Campaign data to understand what’s happening with your prospects and customers.

We answer key questions such as:

How do we increase acquisition, retention and long term value?

What does success look like and how do we measure true ROI?

What do we need to do that supports business objectives?

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Hexdon’s data discovery uncovered quick wins from our customer data that helped us grow our CRM database by 49% in 5 months

Lauren (General Manager – Global eCommerce)

Customer Research.

We get to the why behind your customers’ mindset, behaviours, needs and preferences with qualitative research.

With our best in class research platform we go beyond CRM and bring you insight from representative market panels.

We capture the voice of your customer and with your business challenges in mind, provide you with insight and recommendations on the actions to take.

Ultimately, the insight we deliver increases your credibility in the Boardroom and with your peers because we’re outcome focused.

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When Citigroup surprised us with their industry research, we were armed with insight from the consumer research study undertaken by Hexdon. We underlined our intrinsic understanding of our customer and demonstrated that we were ahead of the game, helping to maintain their recommended share price.

Phil R (CEO, City Chic Collective)

Market Research.

We seek clarity in the market to understand the why behind your position in the market.

Why do customers choose your brand above others?

Why do customers like your product and its attributes.

Why do customers have the drivers and barriers to shopping with you that they do.

And more.

From this insight, we provide the recommendations that give you the confidence to take action as the most informed person in the business.

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The research by Hexdon highlighted what we were doing well and where we needed to improve with our brand in the USA. Shipping and logistics is different compared to other regions – one specific recommendation on removing barriers for our customers helped us to increase conversion.

Melissa B (GM – Customer Care)

Clients’ Wins


  • Over 49% growth in the customer database
  • 45% increase in weekly customer sign-ups over a 9-week period
  • Campaign reactivation: 4% conversion (vs expected 2%) in 48 hours.
  • Reactivated high-value customers: 152% incremental revenue.
  • One-time purchaser activation: 43.2% incremental revenue.
  • Multi-variate creative testing of new customer acquisition creatives: £364.6k incremental revenue
  • Abandoned cart conversion increased from 1.8% to 7.8%
  • Trustpilot score increased from 1.2 to 4.2 in 4 months
  • Increased confidence in the data: from 55% confidence to 80%+ in 8 weeks


  • Increased credibility at Board level and with peers
  • Qualitative and Quantitative insights that provide context to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind customer and market behaviours.
  • Segmentation recommendations based on CRM and research data
  • Campaigns analysis, insights and commercial recommendations based on target vs control groups
  • Recommended use cases that increase the customer experience
  • Increased acquisition, engagement, retention and long term customer value.
  • A clear understanding of how you’re performing in context of your competitors.

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