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Act on the insight that fuels brilliant experiences, delivers long term engagement and increases lifetime value.

Customer data marketing: strategy, operations and commercial results

Optimise the path to purchase with unified channel experiences.

CRM & CDP sales uplift:
data and technology transformation

MarTech solutions need to deliver more.

A common misconception is that data and MarTech solutions solve all your problems and quickly increase revenue. But despite significant investment, delivering ROI is far from guaranteed.

Finding flow across people, process, systems and strategy is a constant challenge. Compounded by the pressures of time, cost, complexity, business culture and macro market conditions, the job of delivering better commercial results couldn’t be greater.

There is hope. But you need to apply a measured approach to data driven marketing and commit to being truly human centric.

MarTech Success is possible for you.

Hexdon helps Brands like yours to get to the insight fast. We have an experienced team with 20+ years delivering Customer & Market Research & Analytics initiatives that are focused on solving your product, customer, marketing and business challenges.

We’ll help you execute your closed loop customer feedback initiative or derive insight from research at speed. And we also know the value in getting to know you, your team and your business challenges so we can support delivery of the insight that helps you to win.

A focus on where you are today, what you’re aiming for, and importantly, the clarity on how culture will enable success.

A sprint to unlock a fresh perspective on the customer and the data asset, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Align with overall business goals & outcomes, ensuring customers remain at the heart of the data and technology stack.

Bring data, creative, strategy and planning together to activate your marketing technology for business success.

Whether it’s short or long term goals, ensure you’re focused on the wins, delighting your customers and demonstrating value as you go.

Last but not least, optimise for success and communicate wins and learnings across the business.

Our framework is a hit. Some of our wins:

Client addressable audience grown by

from 211k to 316k in 5 months

Web layer lightbox campaign delivered

In 10 weeks from Black Friday

Insight fuels action to stay ahead of investors.
TrustPilot score:

From 1.2 (5 months earlier)

Business growth

from data & insight.

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