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Transform customer insight into consistently brilliant CX that drives higher ROI for your competitive advantage.

Leverage insight into customer behaviours, attitudes & needs

Increase customer acquisition, engagement & retention

Boost your marketing ROI & like for like sales uplift

Consumer sentiment is in decline. Customers are hesitating. Some are downgrading their purchase decisions and others are churning altogether.

You need to do something different. Now’s not the time to hesitate. Bonuses are on the line for you and your team but know there’s an untapped value exchange for you and your customers, even when their attitudes, behaviours and needs are in flux.

Customer and market research is the gateway to meaningful and actionable insight. Predicting churn helps to retain your best customers. And an end-to-end customer data and technology audit will highlight opportunities for greater customer outcomes.

Hexdon’s approach is human-centred. With our unique focus on your customers and your teams, we help you to leverage the actionable insight and deliver customer data ROI, fast.

Customer Insight

Gain deep insight into your customers, their needs, how they behave and their attitudes towards your brand & products.

CX & Engagement

Deliver personalised experiences that resonate and transform every customer interaction into ongoing long term engagement.

Here are some common outcomes our clients achieve.

  • Grow confidence in your customer & marketing data
  • Gain deep insight into your customers
  • Advance your segmentation for greater personalisation
  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Level up engagement metrics
  • Optimise the customer lifecycle to reduce churn & reactivate
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Deliver increased return on marketing investment

Boost the customer value exchange

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Stop worrying about customer churn. Let’s discuss how you can retain more customers and grow their value.

With our humanised approach, and our Retention Revolution opportunity assessment, we’ll help you to unlock your people, your data and your technology to leverage why your customers buy and boost the value exchange.

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