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An Exciting New Partnership With Beaconforce

Published On: Tuesday 27th April 2021

Hexdon’s new partnership helps organisations to improve data and people culture that in turn, delivers business results.

Supporting Data Leaders

Beaconforce is a new generation of employee listening tools that helps data leaders and organisations to translate their employee feedback into truly actionable insights. Why? To drive business agility and commercial results.

Today’s data driven workforce is under stress like never before. Three of the biggest challenges are: managing the pandemic recovery to keep the organisation moving forwards; delivering ROI on data and technology budgets; and improving employee wellbeing as we work from home and transform to hybrid operating models.

Leaders are also faced with the risk that great people may leave due to stress, which is costly and negatively impacts the team.

How does Hexdon’s partnership with Beaconforce help?

The Beaconforce methodology and framework have been built by social scientists, PhD’s and subject matter experts. It brings together behavioural science, positive psychology, neuroscience and gamification to help your teams improve performance.

Beaconforce - Science FrameworkFor the cost of the equivalent of a cup of coffee per month, your workforce answers light touch questions on a daily basis that go on to inform Engagement, Experience, Intrinsic Motivation, Flow and Trust.

Having a real-time understanding of your people, means you can proactively support them and their wellbeing, which in turn improves performance.

At a time when data driven teams are under immense pressure to perform and the cost of hiring continues to increase, Hexdon’s partnership with Beaconforce is a game changer.


Luca Rosetti, CEO of Beaconforce says;

“After helping world-class clients, such as Unilever, PwC and Toyota to achieve great results, Beaconforce is extending its reach in partnership with Hexdon. Together, we look forward to creating work environments that allow people to be the best versions of themselves and transform talented individuals into extraordinary teams”.

Beaconforce sits front and centre of Hexdon’s actionable 4 Pillar Data Culture Framework. No longer is Data Culture a conversational topic. Now we can take action, for the benefit of our people and our organisations.

If you’d like to discuss Beaconforce and/or Hexdon’s 4 Pillar Data Culture Framework, reach out to the team at Hexdon for a discovery call.

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