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Our thoughts on Customer Retention.

We’ll be raising the profile of all things customer, retention and the value exchange. And the practicalities of customer insight that fuels better experiences and long term customer engagement.


Why a Customer Data Maturity Assessment is critical to boosting customer retention & value

We live in a world where customers demand great experiences, flexibility and have more choice than ever before. They're informed and they vote with their feet and their phones. They expect service, they want quality and they're vocal when they don't get it, or they just leave. The pressure on [...]


Create a Data-Driven Culture: A Guide to Understanding and Leveraging Data for Customer Success

When data culture is understood and prioritised, it leads to better business results and underpins customer centricity and customer retention. What is data culture? A data culture is the set of values, behaviours and processes that teams follow to support the collection, management and use of data in an organisation. [...]


Why your DTC eCommerce brand needs a Customer Data Platform

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a powerful tool in a Direct To Customer (DTC) brand’s technology stack. A CDP harmonises data from multiple sources to create a foundation on which intelligent first party campaigns can deliver brilliant customer experiences. This blog post discusses why you need a CDP to [...]


Multiply Your Revenue With Better Customer Analytics

Customer analytics is the key to unlocking actionable insight that can multiply your revenue. In this blog post we cover the key benefits and outcomes from investing your valuable resources in customer analytics. Let’s get started. What is Customer Analytics? Customer analytics is the process of tracking and analysing the behaviour [...]


Why Business Intelligence & Dashboards Are Essential To Improve Business Results.

Data permeates the whole business but the biggest challenge faced today is getting to the valuable insight that inspires the business to take meaningful action. Presenting data in a stunning Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard with a slick user experience is all well and good, but if the data coming in [...]


MarTech & Customer Data Platform Enablement will help you supercharge Marketing ROI

Marketing Technologies (MarTech) and Customer Data Platforms continue to evolve at speed and consumer brands must keep up. This poses many challenges for brands. From being distracted by the shiny new innovations that are marketed so brilliantly across the industry, to using only a portion of technologies currently in the [...]


Why Boosting Customer Conversion Needs Actionable Insight on Customers & Data

From a place of curiosity and building on Step 1’s business strategy, goals and culture in mind, this Step 2 ensures we have an accurate and balanced perspective from which to propel the business forwards. In this blog post we underline the value of customer & market insight as well [...]


Six Powerful Marketing Themes From Moderating The CMO Summit – What is top of mind for marketing leaders today?

Our founder Daryl was invited to moderate the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Summit by Inspired Business Media. Content from the day was curated based on the latest CMO research and the needs of marketing leaders as we look to the year ahead. Daryl and the Inspired Business Media team were [...]


Data & Marketing Association Awards Judge 2022 – What the best case study entries have in common

I recently took part as a Judge for the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) Awards 2022, for the third year running. In this blog post, I share my thoughts on what it takes to make the shortlist and importantly, what you need to think about as you deliver your best [...]


CASE STUDY: Turning Retail Customer Data Into Business Growth

The Evans Apparel Story Challenge When global retail group City Chic Collective (ASX: CCX) acquired long-established UK fashion brand Evans from Arcadia Group in 2021, they immediately recognised the challenge: how could we quickly deliver value to the customer and business when the customer data had been neglected for years? [...]


Customer and market insight – 8 ways to unlock for success

Many businesses face headwinds as economic uncertainty remains and consumer sentiment continues to decline. Whether you’re succeeding or struggling at this time, remain confident in the knowledge that customer and market insight will reveal opportunities to win. In this blog post, as featured in the recent Virtual NonExecs newsletter, we [...]


An Exciting New Partnership With Beaconforce

Hexdon's new partnership helps organisations to improve data and people culture that in turn, delivers business results. Supporting Data Leaders Beaconforce is a new generation of employee listening tools that helps data leaders and organisations to translate their employee feedback into truly actionable insights. Why? To drive business agility and [...]

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