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Customer retention with a human-first approach.

Hexdon is a customer retention consultancy. We prioritise the human experience when it comes to your products, services and data.

We specialise in working with scale up Wellness & Fitness brands that want fast growth, but struggle to retain their customers and grow their value, therefore waste budget on customer acquisition, getting in the way of growth.

Human Experience + Data Onside
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Our Vision

Elevate the human experience, with data onside.

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Our Mission

We help great companies to retain more customers that advocate for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Hexdon.

A customer retention consultancy is a specialised discipline that focuses on strategies to keep customers loyal to your business over the long term.

Our role is to analyse, devise and implement strategies aimed at reducing customer churn and increasing the value of your current customers. We’re people first and leverage data analytics, customer insights (why customers buy), CRM / CDP’s and industry best practices to tailor solutions that fit your unique business needs. In essence, we’re the secret weapon you need to transform your customer base into a stable, reliable, and profitable aspect of your business.

Our key offering, Retention Revolution, is an in-depth customer retention opportunity assessment designed specifically for wellness and fitness brands.

We conduct a thorough review of your current retention strategies and metrics, identifying both your strengths and areas for improvement. But we don’t stop there. We provide actionable insights and customised strategies designed to reduce churn, increase customer loyalty, and maximise customer lifetime value. Our goal is to shift your focus from costly customer acquisition to more profitable customer retention, ultimately accelerating your brand’s growth.

Beyond our Retention Revolution service, we offer continuous customer retention support to ensure the implemented strategies are performing optimally. This includes regular monitoring, reporting, and fine-tuning, as well as training for your teams to better understand and manage customer retention. Our services extend to assisting in the implementation of loyalty programs, enhancing customer experience, and leveraging customer feedback to drive improvements.

We understand that customer retention is not a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we offer bespoke strategies that resonate with your unique customer base. We are data-driven, results-oriented, and pride ourselves on a personalised hearts and minds approach. Furthermore, we work closely with key stakeholders in your company, from the marketing team to the CEO, ensuring alignment across all strategies.

With our focus on scale-up brands, we understand the challenges and opportunities of growing businesses and are equipped to help you navigate the path to sustainable growth.

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Our Founder

Meet Daryl D'Cruz.

Daryl D’Cruz is a leader in the Data Industry and featured in the DataIQ 100 before founding Hexdon. He’s also a Qlik Luminary, a Co-Active Coach and while he loves the power of data, he champions the human experience, keeping data onside.

Daryl left his role as European Head of Data Innovation at Samsung Europe having led the team to two DataIQ Awards in 2019 and 2020. Inspired by the organisational need to deliver greater data driven impact around the world, Daryl founded Hexdon as the platform to deliver his vision of putting people first when it comes to data.

Daryl is passionate about the data industry. He has spoken on the topic of Humanising Data at a number of conferences, including at the UK Government Cabinet Office, Big Data LDN, Qlik Data Revolution Tour and DataIQ Transform to name a few. Daryl has also judged at the DMA Awards 2020 and was also Chair of Judges for the DataIQ Awards 2020.

Our Recent Testimonials

See what our customers have to say about Hexdon.

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Daryl at Hexdon delivered great value to Samsung Europe, with passion and a smile.

I highly recommend his expertise and his approach. From data strategy through to analytics and knowledge management solutions, his delivery was people first, resulting in the impact to drive change across the region. Importantly, Daryl spearheaded data innovation with the team across Campaign, Market, Retail, Commercial and Consumer pillars, culminating in Samsung winning DataIQ Awards in 2019 and 2020.

CMO, Samsung Europe

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A tremendous supporter and asset to DataIQ across multiple levels.

As an inspirational speaker at our conference, as a commentator, as a judge, and of course as a two-times Winner of the Innovation with Data award, Daryl is clearly in command of his subject area. He is a charismatic figure who wins respect and loyalty. Exactly the type of person it is a dream to be able to showcase through our activities. For those who work with him, it must be even better!

Knowledge & Strategy Director, DataIQ

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When it comes to data-driven marketing support, I turn to Hexdon.

Hexdon helped us select the right CRM capability as we set our sights on delivering record growth in the US market. They are a trusted advisor across the data and marketing technology ecosystem and help us stay focused on our team and customers as we deliver business results.

CMO, Because, Animals

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Daryl at Hexdon was a pleasure to work with.

He delivered projects that helped to transform data driven marketing and business outcomes at the Retail Groups in which we worked. Daryl led teams focused on delivery of data and business analytics, loyalty, eCommerce, Social and Customer service under my watch. He’s a leader in the field and I trust him to deliver.

CMO, Super Retail Group

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We’ve have had the pleasure of working with Hexdon for years.

From his leading role in driving Samsung Europe’s data analytics evolution through to his transformative consultancy, Hexdon, Daryl’s ability to quickly understand business priorities and to match these with the right technologies and people make him an outstanding talent and one you want on your side.

Managing Director, Horsa

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With Hexdon, you get Daryl’s award winning expertise and experience.

I loved having Daryl as part of the Customer & Marketing Analytics team at Samsung Europe. In a complex working environment Daryl showed all the qualities to succeed; calm, intelligent, humorous, committed and resilient.

Director, Samsung Europe

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Working with industry leaders to deliver data driven impact.

With our trusted partners, we take our clients from strength to strength.

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Hexdon helps you humanise data to deliver results. Let’s put data culture, our teams and our customers, first.

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