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Customer Retention

is your advantage.

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If you were to stop 5% of your customers from churning you’d boost profit by at least 25%.

Not putting enough focus on customer retention is hurting your business. You’re leaving money on the table and you’re missing out on the opportunity to help more of your customers to live happier, healthier lives.

Getting this right means boosting the customer value exchange. The best brands stand out by understanding their customers’ attitudes, behaviours, preferences and needs. They’re clear on why they buy.

They leverage customer data and technology to deliver brilliant experiences that keep customers coming back for more while adding to the bottom line.

At Hexdon, we know that customer retention is complex and challenging. This is why our Retention Opportunity Assessment puts your business objectives first, with the customer at the heart.

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Customer Insights

Understand Why They Buy.

Insight fuelled recommendations from customer data analytics, customer & market research and CRM.

Retain more customers

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Customer Experience & Engagement

Increase customer lifetime value.

Deliver great CRM & Digital experiences that turn your customers into advocates.

Grow customer value

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Customer & Data Leadership

and a member of the DataIQ100.

Customer retention is your competitive advantage.

With 17 years’ senior management experience, I have a proven track record in defining and executing strategy that engages customers, increases ROI and elevates brand success. After helping brands large and small, to succeed, I now run Hexdon, a consultancy where I can help brands to truly prioritise the human experience and boost their value exchange with their customers.

I love data and technology, but it’s what we do with it to inspire the hearts and minds of everyone around us. That means our customers and our team members too.

Hexdon’s Retention Revolution is a customer retention opportunity assessment that unlocks where you’re strong and where you can improve. It’s fast, efficient and prioritises for you, where to play and how to win.

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Stop worrying about customer churn. Let’s discuss how you can retain more customers and grow their value.

With our humanised approach, and our Retention Revolution opportunity assessment, we’ll help you to unlock your people, your data and your technology to leverage why your customers buy and boost the value exchange.

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